Atelo Scientific Mask

Pure Atelocollagen Protein Mask. Clinically proven to penetrate skin cells. Atelocollagen is scientifically proven to facilitate wound healing.

BENEFITS of ATELO Scientific Mask

Instant smoothness

High concentration of atelocollagen in every ATELO Scientific Mask treatment, infused skin with excess atelocollagen leading to smoothness which may last for days.

Skin Lifting and Tightening / Sharpen facial contours

Ionized atelocollagen penetrates cells , increases the strength and tightens skin. ATELO Scientific Mask activates the body’s own collagen generation and nourishes the skin.

Prevention and Improvement of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

ATELO Scientific Mask enhances greater retention in skin than regular collagen, leading to more efficient and longer lasting treatment.

Pore Minimizing

ATELO Scientific Mask helps in regulating sebum secretion, activates the regeneration of cells close to the broadening pore, and recruit the body’s own collagen to minimize the pore.

Diminishing of Acne Scars

ATELO Scientific Mask promotes tissue regeneration and does not cause inflammation and allergy. Atelocollagen creates a criss-cross fabric that holds the skin cells and smoothing out the dents on skin.

ATELO Face Cleanser

ATELO face cleanser is a life changing face sanitizer that solves persisting acne problems and prevents manifestation of pimples. This ground-breaking formula is made up of antimicrobial proteins that kills 9 different strains of acne-causing bacteria. In the lives of every person, high school is a period of self-discovery and character building. Those times usher a sense of adventure, romance, endless possibilities, disappointment and hope. This invention is created from the existence of these deep feelings. ATELO face cleanser is a life changing formula that solves acne problems and restores confidence.
Once again, let ATELO face cleanser take you back in time and create sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

BENEFITS of ATELO Face Cleanser

Smoothens, protects and tightens skin.

It is made of a formula that forms a thin invisible coating on skin.

It connects and forms a film that is absorbed to maintain youthful skin.

Reduces and prevents acne and pimples.

Atelo Zest of Life

Formulated with atelocollagen, fullerene,
anti-oxidising molecules and carboxyl peptides
for long lasting UV shielding and instant skin repair.
Shields and repairs skin simultaneously.

ATELO Active Serum

High concentration of Atelocollagen with Elastin. It has to be mixed with an emulsified serum with micelles. Upon mixture, the serum will be highly penetrative and effective.

Atelo® Annihilate Gel

Atelocollagen with addition of anti-oxidising molecules. 0-0 (oxygen-oxygen triplebond) to remove with free radicals in skin cells and prevent skin damage. Contains anti-inflammatory peptides that reduces redness and itch. Effective for Eczema.

ATELO Acne Formula

This is a multi-purpose pimple cream. Suitable for all skin types. Using the same peptides, effectively shrinks and removes pimples.


Formulated with concentrated atelocollagen, elastin and penetrative peptides for immediate effect.
Galvanic rods enhance collagen production and penetrative efficacy.

ATELO Night Shield

Part of the AteloLab Series to transform the skin. The Night Shield forms a protective layer, locking youth and blocking damage from the environment providing comfort and maintaining skin stability throughout the night.


Fields of Gold Conditioner

Formulated with Anti-inflammatory cytokines, natural cleansing agents and argan oil.

This bi-phase cleanser not only cleanse but nourishes exisiting hair. Used in conjunction with ATELO Hair Fields of Gold Tonic, hair will progressively grow in two weeks. Atelocollagen transforms the scalp back to its youthful state, anti-inflammatory cytokines prevent root damage and argan oil nourishes existing hair and roots.


Fields of Gold Tonic

Formulated with natural extracts and 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors

ATELO Hair Fields of Gold Tonic will stimulate hair follicles and peptides that stimulates growth hormone production. Use in conjunction with ATELO Hair Fields of Gold Conditioner.