Brand Story

  • ATELO was created out of a scientist’s curiosity and desire to improve her own problem skin when all the other skincare products she had tried could not. Dr Evelyn Teoh spent several years on research and testing with the active ingredient, Atelocollagen before finding the most effective way to use it on skin.
  • Being just a small lab facing tough competition, she needed to collaborate and form partnerships with top scientists in order to survive. Collaborations culminating in the creation of many more skincare products, each one targeting a specific skin concern.
  • Today, ATELO oversees a global consortium of researchers working on developing more skincare products. She keeps to her firm resolution of only making products that are truly effective; ATELO simply creates high-performance transformative skincare; the epitome of the search for PERFECTION.


  • The global cosmeceutical skincare brand renowned for products which deliver consistent, positive results.
  • ATELO will always be a synonym for efficacy and quality.
  • Reputed for a conglomerate of top tier high end exceptional products.
  • Presence in every aspect of anti-aging.

ATELO Labs – For Skin Problems

ATELO Beaute – For the Perfect Skin

ATELO Hair – For Hair Growth and Maintenance

ATELO Health – For metabolism and energy boost

ATELO Institute – For diagnostics and aesthetic research


An Esthetic and Lifestyle Organisation that utilises the most advance technology to produce effective products for the betterment of mankind.


  • We continually strive to develop effective clinical solutions to address skincare and lifestyle concerns of men and women.
  • We also simultaneously address the concerns of the aging population.

Celebrating Diversity


Minimum behavioral standards when we interact with our customers.




Our Founder

Dr. Evelyn graduated with a PhD from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). She is an accomplished researcher who dedicates her time on issues relating to public health, with discoveries that had led to a patent in the United States of America (USA). She is recognized as an expert in her field of study and has presented in conferences in various parts of USA. She appeared in numerous local and overseas newspapers for her work and her articles can be found and cited in various international publications. With her interest in skincare, she embarked on developing authentic age-reverse and skin treatment products. She utilises her analytical and management ability to run the daily operations of the company and in keeping abreast with the changes in the industry. Through continuous professional development, she aims to keep the company in the forefront of the most advanced technologies and scientific breakthroughs. Honoured to be able to contribute to society, she pledges to adhere to the company’s mission of meeting with the demands of its supporters around the world, providing them with the best possible solutions and aim towards a continuous advancement in specialised skincare.


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